What is a Sleep Coach?

An expert, friend, and Mentor

We can't tell you how often we hear "If only I knew you existed when my child was a baby"

While the actual study of child's sleep patterns date back hundreds of years, the development of individual sleep coaching is fairly new.  In short, we work with families across the nation to implement healthy sleep habits in their home and create independent sleepers. 

Whether your goal is to get your child to sleep through the night, transition from nap-times, wean night-feeds, we are here to help!

We don't have a one size fits all approach.  Our Sleep consultants are trained on more than 20 sleep methods for adults and children and we work with your family to implement the method that makes sense for all of you 

A teacher and cheerleader!

We are skilled in our profession, but we are so much more than that!  We care about your well being and we are on your team.  We cry, laugh, and celebrate with our families and your victories are our victories!

Training your child to sleep well is no easy task.  While we do everything in our power to prepare you with the tools to succeed, you are ultimately the vehicle that drives this mission.  We will teach you what we know with a variety of different methods that are specific to your family and dynamic.  And, we will be there along the way to cheer you on!

About Us

We believe sleep is a key ingredient to a healthy and happy child.  We are parents too and we are passionate about creating a community of great sleepers!


We provide individual coaching that is specific to your family's needs. When working with a Sleep Coach you can expect to reach your sleep goals for your family within 3 weeks of your initial phone call with us!


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"I can't believe my baby is actually falling asleep and staying asleep like the rest of us.  He is happier than he's been in months!"- Christy