Rachel Mitchell-Gorton

Welcome! My name is Rachel and I'm the owner/founder of My Sweet Sleeper. In 2013 I graduated from the International Maternity Institute after studying Maternity, Infant, and Toddler Sleep and that is when my idea was born to help other families!

To be honest, prior to becoming a sleep consultant, I really never knew this profession existed. Being a single Mom and having a baby, I was always exhausted and I found myself struggling to find resources and support during that time and I knew I wasn't alone. I felt led to take the experience and knowledge I had and create a sustainable coaching program that gives families the option for healthier sleep and the ability to parent at their best.

How we are different...

Over the years, many sleep coached businesses and popped up all over the world! Many of whom were my class-mates and are doing great work. My goal has always been to focus on what really works and how the families I work with can leave our time together feeling rested and supported. 

Our approach is personal and individual. No two children are the same and we treat each family with a very individual approach. We will never ask you to implement any method you don't feel comfortable with and we work our hardest to help you reach your sleep goals in a timely manner.

  • We do not promote CIO as a sole method (we do our best to use gentle methods with limited tears)
  • We are available well outside of standard hours to be there to answer questions and support you through this process
  • We are faith based and we are praying for you during this process
  • We will work with you until you see significant improvement. In fact we have a 98% success rate!



We are hiring!

We are in need of certified sleep consultants who are looking to join a rapidly growing team.  Please send your resume to

"I HIGHLY recommend My Sweet Sleeper for any family looking for how to navigate infant and toddler sleep!! With all of the information out there, it was really hard to figure out which sleep method and advice would work for our family. I tried several different things without success which is why I reached out.  They were absolutely incredible to work with! We did our consultation over the phone  and started implementing that same night and within a week, our 14 month old was sleeping through the night (10 hours) in his own crib. He now falls asleep and wakes up happy which is absolutely amazing and a huge change from his previous sleep habits!"- Rachel, Durango, CO