We’ve worked with hundreds of families far and wide over the years and this is what some of them have to say…

I HIGHLY recommend My Sweet Sleeper for any family looking for how to navigate infant and toddler sleep!! With all of the information out there, it was really hard to figure out which sleep method and advice would work for our family. I tried several different things without success which is why I reached out. They were absolutely incredible to work with! We did our consultation over the phone and started implementing that same night and within a week, our 14 month old was sleeping through the night (10 hours) in his own crib. He now falls asleep and wakes up happy which is absolutely amazing and a huge change from his previous sleep habits!
— Rachel T, Durango CO

Thank God for Rachel! I had scoured the internet and sleep consulting services for tips. Rachel gave us a FREE 30 minute plus phone consultation and her tips have made my once huge crier before bed and naps baby go down peacefully. He now sleeps 10 hours per night with no wake ups and sleeps 2 1.5 hour naps during the day.

She did not rush my questions and gave me specific tips tailored to my babies situation. If we have any more issues I will be sure to hire Rachel for our sleep needs.
— Kat C

When our baby hit the 4 month regression we were dealing with a level of sleep deprivation comparable to Navy Seal training.

After our phone consultation, we started working with My Sweet Sleeper and we were so relieved to have a customized sleep program that was catered specifically to our baby that was gentle but consistent, and we were offered day to day adjustments based on how our daughter was responding throughout our time working together.

It also was so helpful to have one voice of authority so my partner and I could defer to that in how we approached each day with consistency as a unified team.

By the end of our time working together we were enjoying a baby who put herself to sleep unassisted, slept through the night and had solid, healthy naps - it was seriously my wildest dream come true!

I can legitimately say without a doubt this was the best money we have spent so far on our baby and ourselves since becoming parents and now my advice to any parents who are struggling is to just have the phone consultation because they won’t regret it!

I am forever grateful to Rachel for getting us on track and feeling rested again!
— Ashley C, Denver CO