One-On-One Coaching

Welcome! I’m so glad you are thinking about working together and I look forward to getting to know you and your family better! Individual coaching is a great way to get 1:1 support as you navigate through the process of sleep teaching. This process can be challenging, and so my goal is always to provide you with as much support and guidance as possible as we work towards better sleep for your entire family!

If you’re considering sleep coaching, here are a few more details about what you can expect from the process…


Step 1:

Schedule your initial consultation. During this 30-min phone or skype call, you have the opportunity to explain your current family dynamic and sleep challenges, and ask any specific questions about our program. I will also ask several questions to make sure I fully understand your situation before I recommend next steps.

I recommend filling out the sleep intake ahead of time so we can spend time reviewing it which you can find here.

Step 2:

After our initial call I will recommend a coaching package and send over will send over the additional forms to get started. We will set up another phone call to review goals and when we will “officially” start sleep training/coaching. During this call you can expect a thorough run-down of the “plan” and execution so that you feel fully prepared before diving into sleep training. I will also present a written plan following our call.

Payment is typically collected prior to this call.

Step 3:

You’re on your way to better sleep! During our initial week/2 weeks together you can plan on talking almost everyday :)

This is simply to ensure you have the daily support needed to execute the plan and you aren’t left with guesswork about what to do next. We will communicate via text, email, phone, and/or skype, but most parents prefer text as it is the fastest way of communicating.

I do recommend during the initial first week or so that you don’t make any major changes or start new activities. We will be setting the “foundations” of sleep during this time which can be difficult for a child to adjust to if there are too many other things going on.

This doesn’t mean you can’t leave the house, but just try and make sure you can follow your “normal” daily routine.

Step 4:

As we continue to work together it is always OUR goal to help you reach your goals! We will continue to asses whether we need to continue on with 1:1 coaching based on your child’s progress and we always send our clients away with additional tools and resources to make sure you feel prepared for any upcoming transitions or expected changes.

Looking for Newborn Resources?

While we do offer sleep coaching options for Newborn babies, we also have great tools and resources available in our online Newborn Course found here. This course is specifically designed to walk you through the fundamentals of healthy sleep for your newborn, including some great tips on how to avoid future regressions and sleep habits. Many families have found great success when participating in this program and we know you will too!