E Book: Your Guide to Sleeping Through the Night

E Book: Your Guide to Sleeping Through the Night


This electronic guide will walk you through the steps to help your child (4-12 months) sleep through the night in just two weeks!


  • Personalized Video with sleep methods and guidance

  • Written sleep training guide with detailed steps to walk you through the sleep training process

  • 2-3 methods to provide you with options that best fit your child as you begin to sleep train

What will the guide cover?

  • Common sleep crutches

  • Managing night wake-ups

  • Setting an ideal schedule to set up night-time success

  • Sleep training methods to use for night-time sleep

  • Age expectations-how often should my baby be waking?

  • Gentle methods to minimize crying

Is this for me?

If your child is waking up multiple times per night, has trouble falling and staying asleep, is relying on a sleep crutch such as feeding for every wake-up, and/or is exhausted throughout the day from lack of night-time sleep, then this guide is for you!

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