Frequently Asked Questions


We love to answer your questions, because let's face it-getting your child to sleep can be confusing and overwhelming with the amount of information out there.

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When should i start thinking about sleep training?

At My Sweet Sleeper we believe that the first 3 months of life should be spent bonding with your baby and getting to know your baby's habits and little personality! Your infant does not yet have the skills to follow a rigid sleep schedule and we do not encourage trying to do so at such a young age. The ideal age, in our opinion, is to start implementing healthy sleep habits by month 2 and by 3.5 months sleep training can start-but keep in mind every baby is different.

What if we work together and don't see any progress?

Sleep teaching is a cumbersome process! It does not happen overnight and we understand that every baby responds differently. Sometimes we see immediate changes and sometimes it takes a bit longer to reach our goals and our promise to you is that we will continue working with you until those goals have been met. Remember we give you the tools and support to implement the changes so it's 30% us and 70% you!

What methods do you use?

We are trained in over 25 methods, however we never use just one! Because each child is so so different, we are flexible with the different approaches we take so that we can adjust as we go through this process.  Our methods depend on what your objectives and challenges are and together we decide how to best reach them.

how do i get started?

Visit our contact page to submit your interest in working together and we will get back to you within 24 hours.



Do i have to let my baby cry it out if i want to sleep train?

No! Somewhere along the way sleep training became know as letting your baby cry-it-out. The thought that you set your baby down and let her cry until she falls asleep with no intervention. While there will be some tears during the process of sleep teaching, we do not practice a full cry-it-out method. 

Do we have to stay home and not leave the house during the sleep training process?

Only if you want to but in short-no! We believe in the 80/20 rule which means 80% of the time you are following the "plan" and being as consistent as possible and 20% of the time you are flexible and not as "strict" with the sleep schedule (Kind of like dieting).

What if i practice attachment parenting-can i still sleep train?

Absolutely! We offer plenty of gentle methods that allow you to practice attachment parenting while still introducing healthy sleep habits. Each family will have different goals and the most important thing is that we are all on the same page about what those goals are.

How do we work together?

We work with you via text, email, video conference, phone calls, and sometimes in person (depending on your location). 

What kind of follow up can i expect?

At the conclusion of our time together we offer as much continued support as possible in way of social media groups, access to our support groups, and our weekly newsletters. We will also prepare you with milestones to expect as your child continues developing and her sleep habits evolve.