Exhausted Mama-here's how to make rest a priority

This week my Facebook feed was primarily made up of adorable pictures of kids going back to school and moms shedding tears as they watched their little ones reach yet another exciting milestone. 

I really, really love this time of year. Fall is approaching (my favorite season) and we all slide back into a much needed routine.

But there’s something that these pictures don’t show—behind each perfectly tied bow and perfectly ironed button up, is one tired mama.

I found myself contemplating another cup of coffee this week more times than not and suddenly waking up to the complete opposite of feeling refreshed. And here’s the kicker—my son is seven now, so new parent exhaustion should be a distant memory, right?

With being a school-aged mom for a couple of years now, I’ve realized that with each new school year comes a new set of activities, commitments and a whole lot of running around. My excitement for adding some structure back into our lives seems to also add another level of busyness—and the result always seems to be less sleep.

The thing is, parenting (albeit wonderful!) is exhausting no matter how old your kids are.

To the new parents out there—we know how real that feeling of exhaustion is.It’s so, so, so tiring. You will sleep again—promise. 

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