10 Phrases you can use to help keep your child in bed

Trying to get your child to go to sleep is a challenge that most parents face at some point.

Whether you’re putting your little one down for a nap, or starting the bedtime process, it can sometimes feel like a battle you aren’t going to win. And even if you do, there’s the staying in bed part that can be even more difficult.

It is very common, especially in Toddlerhood, for kids to get out of their bed the moment you leave the room-making the bedtime process feel impossible.

After the sixty-fourth time of walking your child back to her bed, you might be wondering how you will possibly survive this stage and what it’s going to take for your child to stay put.

As a mom who recently went through this with our school-aged child, I completely understand how taxing and frustrating the whole process can be.

Thankfully, being a sleep coach came in handy in our situation and we were able to use several key phrases that made a huge difference.

Here are 10 of them that you can implement in your household if you’re currently fighting this battle:

1)      “I’ll check on you in ten minutes”. Rather than waiting for your child to get up and come find you, assure her that you will return in 5 or 10 minutes to check in. This will help give her a sense of security that you will come back and teach her that it’s ok to want you, but that it is still expected she stays in her bed.

2)     “It’s time to sleep now in your bed. I’m going to sleep in my bed too”. This doesn’t mean you also need to go to bed right away, but assuring your child that you too will be sleeping in your own bed, helps make that connection that beds are for sleep.

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