4 Easy Ways To Save Money When Having a Baby

Welcoming a new baby into the world requires you to take many practical considerations. You have to prepare your home for the little newcomer, outfitting them with everything they need from a bed to food and clothing, and the costs of these essentials can quickly add up. 

Another expense to think about is the birth itself, which is a cost incurred before your baby even makes it home!

So how do you spare yourself the financial stress so you can enjoy these precious moments with your babe?

By following these tips during and after pregnancy…

Prepare the ultimate diaper bag that doubles as your own bag!

As a new parent, your diaper bag will be a constant companion for the first years of your child’s life. Find a cute one that you don’t mind lugging around with you 24/7. Babylist suggests the best ones that offer various prices, covering different types of bags like backpacks and stylish messenger bags. 

When you’ve got your bag in hand, fill it with the essentials: diapers, wipes, pacifiers, burp cloths, and baby food. The contents of your diaper bag shouldn’t just hold items for your little one, however; you’ll want to keep some goods for yourself inside as well! Kindred Bravely suggests adding everything from hair ties to hand sanitizers to an extra shirt for yourself. These keep you ready for all kinds of accidents that may happen with newborns, from burp-up messes to diaper spills. By shopping around a bit, you can find deals on just about all of these items for your diaper bag.

Be practical about your baby shower

Your baby shower is a wonderful experience that allows you to gather friends and family around, and celebrate the upcoming arrival of your bundle of joy. It’s also an opportunity for you to save money by requesting handy presents. When creating a registry for your baby shower, don’t just look at cute items like rompers and toys. Think about the everyday items you will need as a new parent.

Look online for gift ideas to guide you with your own registry. Items you will really need include a baby monitor, changing pad, blankets, babyproofing items, and stroller. There are even medical supplies to consider, such as a baby-friendly thermometer, suction bulb, and medicine dropper. Consider asking friends for more “fun” but equally important items like bibs and books.

Embrace second-hand goods

Babies grow quickly. The clothing you put on your newborn won’t fit them within a matter of months. Point being: It doesn’t have to be brand new. Save your money by asking friends and family if they have hand-me-downs in good condition that they can pass on. You can also look online at stores like Once Upon a Child for gently used baby gear. And you can even come back and sell your baby’s own second-hand goods at these stores down the line.

While it’s absolutely advisable and safe to get baby clothes and shoes that have been used, this isn’t true for all products. Do not accept old cribs, toys, or car seats, which won’t necessarily meet today’s modern safety standards. Crib mattresses should also be brand new; it’s been shown that used crib mattresses can actually increase the risk of SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Become a coupon shopper

Never used coupons before? Now is the perfect time to start. Many baby brands cater to penny-pinching parents by offering great deals on must-have items like diapers and baby food. An overview of money-saving sites from Parents.com offers great options, like Plum Districts, which focuses on local group deals.

When you’re pregnant and preparing to bring a baby into your life, the last thing you want is financial worries to mar your joy. Integrate the above steps into your life now, and you’ll find yourself saving money and being able to truly enjoy that new parent glow. The money you save will serve your family well down the line—for instance, by adding to a college fund. Save on small things now to create a brighter big picture for the future.

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