Five affordable products that will help your baby sleep better

Helping your baby get more sleep, can sometimes feel like an endless uphill battle.

Maybe you spend hours rocking, feeding, and helping your baby become drowsy, only for her to wake up as soon as you set her down in the crib. Or maybe you have scoured the internet for tips and tricks, but nothing seems to be sticking long-term.

We get it, and we’ve been there! We know how it feels to be stuck in a cycle of trying and trying to get your baby to sleep with no end in sight. And we know that most of the time YOU are the only way your baby is falling and staying asleep.

That’s why we’ve complied a list of products that we’ve personally tested and recommend to all parents struggling with getting their baby to sleep.

1)     The Baby Shusher- The reason we love this product is because of how similar it sounds to that “shhhhh” noise that is what your baby heard in the womb. There are several settings that allow you to adjust to the noise you prefer, it is lightweight, and can easily be carried with you in the car or the store to help your baby sleep on the go!

2)     Nested Bean Sleep Sack- We love this sleep sack not only for the comfort and ease of use, but also for the sleep advice that comes with it! The weighted beads in the center replicate the touch of a caregiver’s hand and the soft material gives your baby a light but snug feeling, helping stretch those naps and night-time sleep.

Nested Bean also gives some great age-based sleep tips on their website and personal newsletters, many of which are backed by recognized professionals in the sleep community.


3)     Kiss Kiss Goodnight, Night-time skin care.  We can’t emphasize enough the importance of a night-time routine with your baby, and a great way to do that is bath-time followed by massage.

This natural, night-time skincare line helps soothe your baby during and after use, preparing her for solid rest throughout the night.

4)     WubbaNub Pacifier- I am a huge fan of using the pacifier as a way to help your baby self-soothe in the first year, which is just one of the reasons I love the WubbuaNub collection.

While I don’t recommend using the lovey attached paci’s in the crib for sleep, they are a great option to use for soothing when you are on the go or once you notice your baby is become tired.

5)     Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Cotton Crib Sheets- It won’t be a surprise to most that these made the list! Aside from the fact that the Burt’s Bees Baby line is beautiful and unique, their crib sheets are as soft as they get.

These breathable, comfortable sheets guarantee a better night’s sleep and you can also breathe a little easier knowing the material is GOTS certified and 100% organic.

If you have a product that has been a game-changer for you and your baby’s sleep, we would love to hear about it! Email us:

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