This Mother's Day, Give Yourself The Gift of Simplifying

Mother’s Day is almost here; a day that we get to celebrate women who give so much of their time and energy to raising little humans.


Many of us will receive flowers and gifts and maybe even breakfast in bed. And advertisements suggest treating Mom to a day at the spa or a special meal to give her a break from her everyday duties.


While these are all great ideas and provide Mamas an opportunity to relax and unwind, we should be making self-care a priority more than just once a year.


Taking time to fill your cup is not a luxury, it is a necessity, and your entire family will benefit from having a more patient and present Mom.


So what are the secrets to a more relaxed lifestyle? While weekly massages and pedicures are great (I’ll never turn down the opportunity to be pampered), it can be as simple as making a few adjustments to your daily routine by building in time to renew and restore.


Here are a few ways to do just that…


1. Learn how to say no.

You have a baby (or an older child), and maybe that's your #1 priority in this season of your life. If so, all those other little things you’re worried about (hello endless laundry) can wait. By prioritizing the most important things in your life (family, faith, work, exercise, hobbies, date nights, etc) you’ll have more time to enjoy the simple moments without feeling stretched in every direction.


Make your priority list, and the things that fall below that list, feel free to say no to.


2. Set a bedtime - for yourself! 

You've been working on a consistent bedtime for your child, and that's great, but what about setting a bedtime for yourself? Your baby probably functions as your alarm clock in the morning and that might mean you can’t change your morning sleep-in time. However, you can plan around it. If your baby usually wakes you up around a specific time, count backwards and figure out what time YOU need to go to bed to get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep for adults .


Sleep often gets pushed to the back-burner but it is something we need most in order to be healthy and happy!


3. Accept that you're not supermom.

You don't need to have the Pinterest-worthy nursery. You don't have to post adorable photos of your baby on Instagram every day. Relax. Don't worry about presenting yourself as the mom who has it all together, because the truth is, none of us do! And that's just fine. 


This Mother's Day, start saying no to lesser priorities, set and stick to a bedtime for yourself, and don't worry about being the perfect mom. By making these simple shifts, you are setting yourself up to feel like a more relaxed version of yourself all year!


Happy Mother's Day Mamas!