Three Ways To Enjoy Special Occasions Without Skipping Sleep

Holidays and special occasions are a time to spend with family and loved ones; celebrating and making memories and following traditions. It can also be a busy time as we travel or host meals and gatherings, inevitably disrupting our normal schedule and routines.

That’s why during special occasions we recommend practicing the 80/20 rule and not stressing too much about your child taking a later nap or staying up slightly past bedtime. 

But we also know that children can get over-tired easily and if you want to enjoy time together you might want to follow a few of these tips to avoid a meltdown or a cranky baby.

#1 Plan naps around activities as best as possible

As a Mama with three kids who are all on different schedules, naps can sometimes take a back-seat, especially on the weekends. But over the years I have learned creative ways of making sure our kids still get their nap, even if that means it happens later than normal. I have also come to terms that sometimes we will be late or miss an event because naps are more important for the health of our family.

Either way, if your child is still regularly taking naps, it is important to plan it in wherever possible, instead of missing it all together. This also might mean a car or stroller nap, following safe guidelines of course!

#2 If you are hosting, suggest an earlier start time

Hosting meals is a great way to celebrate, and one of the perks of being the host, is being able to set the meal-time. I recommend an early afternoon meal-time, especially if those attending also have children, so everyone can still be in bed on time.

Many children still have school the day after a special occasion, so be mindful of how much later your kids are staying up if they have to get up early the following morning. Getting to bed 30-40 minutes later might not be a huge deal, but past that you risk having overstimulated and overtired kiddos.

#3 Avoid giving your kids too much sugar

There never seems to be a shortage of sugar during holidays and special occasions.

Growing up I always looked forward to this part of celebrations and don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy them now! But I have also learned that my kids simply cannot handle too much sugar, so we have to limit the consumption in our household, even on special occasions.

This might mean one cookie instead of two or just cake instead of both cake and ice cream. We are also very mindful of the time of day that our kids are getting treats and making sure it isn’t too close to bedtime.

Holidays and special occasions are meant to be enjoyed, and doing that without getting enough sleep is hard to do!

By following these simple steps, you can still enjoy your time with loved ones AND get the sleep you all need.

Rachel GortonComment