The Top Ten Products You Need Before Bringing Your Newborn Home

Preparing to bring home your new baby is so exciting, but can also be a bit overwhelming. I know personally, as my due date approached with my daughter, I found myself scouring the internet to make sure I had all the newborn essentials.

The last thing you want to be doing is making trips to the mall or frantically searching Amazon after having a baby, so we’ve complied a list of the top Ten items you’ll need to be sure to have ready once your little one arrives.

Keep in mind, some of the obvious items that you might expect to find here may not be listed since many of them you don’t necessarily need right away.

1) Crib or Bassinet. So this one is kind of a given but probably the most important item that you’ll need since baby needs a place to sleep! We always recommend that your baby sleeps in a crib or bassinet with a firm mattress either in your room or their Nursery. Some of the key crib features you want to look for are safety ratings, sturdiness of material, manufactured date, cribs without a drop side, and the appropriate width of the bars (no wider than 2.5 inches).

Similarly with a bassinet you want to make sure that it is sturdy, especially because many bassinets are portable. Check the safety ratings and reviews as well as the recall list to make sure your bassinet is not listed. Another feature we have found to be really important with bassinets is breathable sides. Many newborns will prefer to sleep in a fetal position (but should always be placed on their back), and you want to make sure if your baby is close to the sides that there isn’t a concern with suffocation. See the picture below for an example of breathable sides.

See our crib recommendations here as well as our favorite affordable bassinet

2) Sound machine. For the first few weeks/months your baby is adjusting to life outside of the womb. In your belly, she was used to hearing constant noise, so replicating that with a white noise/sound machine can help calm her and make her feel more relaxed. We are loving the AuCuTee which is both affordable and portable and has several different settings to play various noises.

3) Swaddles. Similar to the white noise machine, a swaddle can help your baby feel nice and snug like she was in the womb. While not all babies love to be swaddled, we do recommend trying various brands/types of swaddles to see if your baby prefers a specific feel.

Our favorite are the velcro swaddles from snuggle-me organics, which have a super soft feel and are easy to use. They have several different colors and patterns that you kind find here.


4) Diapers & Wipes. Of course these are also a given but not all diapers/wipes are made alike. There are certain features that can make your life easier as a new Mama that we recommend considering when choosing a diaper brand.

Our top brand we recommend for newborn diapers are the Huggies newborn snugglers. They have the fold up flaps that help contain blow-outs and prevent leaking. They are also quite affordable and regularly offer coupons and discounts.

For wipes we love Water Wipes since they have simple ingredients and are safest for baby, but be prepared they are a bit pricier than competitors (although we think it is well worth it!)

5) Car Seat. Since you can’t leave the hospital without a car seat for your newborn, this of course makes the list! Shopping for a car seat can seem like a bit of a daunting process, since it will after-all be carrying your precious cargo for the first time and many times to follow. Safety should be the #1 priority when searching for a car-seat. Much like deciding which crib/bassinet to purchase, you should look up the safety ratings, crash reports, and any recent recalls. All car-seat manufactures are required to provide this information. While you are likely safe with most of the major brands (evenflo, cybex, britax, etc.) we cannot stress enough to do your research when purchasing a car-seat. Don’t just go off of one recommendation or review and if you’re going to splurge on any one product, then this should be it!

You also might want to consider a car-seat/stroller combo or travel system as well which most major manufactures offer.

Since we do a lot of research around here we are happy to provide our top recommendations for car-seats based on personal and professional use.

Evenflo LiteMax Infant Car Seat

Cybex Aton Infant Car seat

Britax B Safe Infant Car seat

6) Baby Monitor. Whether your baby will be with you in your room, or in the nursery from the start, a good baby monitor is a must. There will be plenty of times when you’ll need to step out of the room while your baby is napping to get things done, or ya know take a shower! We highly recommend for safety reasons being able to see/hear your baby while they are sleeping and there are several monitors that can provide you that peace of mind.

Our top pick, while definitely pricey, is the Nanit. Our favorite feature is that the video streams directly to your phone using wi-fi so you can literally watch your baby from the grocery store. You also have the option of purchasing the insights which will tell you how long your baby slept and some other stats and sleeping patterns.

7) Feeding Supplies. We are lumping feeding into one category since there are so many different products that you will need regardless of how you’re feeding your baby.

Here is a list of our recommended feeding products…

  • Spectra Breast-pump- Before purchasing this item you might want to check with your insurance company or hospital/OB office, since many of them are provided at no cost! We have found the spectra pump to be super easy to use and very lightweight.

  • Dr. Brown’s Bottles- One of the top feeding brands out there, Dr. Browns offers a wide variety of bottles with different shapes and feels of the nipple so you can try out which one your baby likes best.

  • Similac Formula- If you are formula feeding, Similac is one of the highest recommend formula brands. However, keep in mind you will really want to try out different options to see what your baby will take. Your pediatrician will likely give you recommendations as well.

  • Lansinoh breast-milk storage bags- If you’re pumping then you will need somewhere to store your breast-milk and Lansinoh is our top brand pick for these and other items. The bags are affordable and provide a simple solution for storing expressed milk.

8) Onesies/Sleepers- If there’s one thing you will need A LOT of it is newborn onesies and long pajamas/sleepers. Newborns go through clothes like they are going out of style and you’ll find yourself constantly doing laundry if you don’t have enough.

We love the sleepers from cloud island which can be found at Target.

9) Pacifier. While not all babies will take a pacifier, and some parents choose not to introduce it, if you do it can be your best friend! Pacifiers can be a great way to soothe your baby and they also have been proven to reduce the risk of SIDS.

The type of pacifiers used in the hospital are usually the ones babies take to best so we recommend the Philips brand. You can buy several in a pack for under $10 and trust us, you’ll need more than one!

10) Rectal Thermometer. While this one isn’t as fun, we consider it a must-have. Your pediatrician will likely tell you that you need to bring your baby in if he/she has a temp above 100.4 and rectal thermometers will give you the most accurate temperature for your newborn. Especially if you have a winter baby, there will be more sickness floating around, and a flu or the cold can be serious if your baby develops a fever.


You can find a few different options on Amazon or your local pharmacy.

So there you have it! While there are about 20+ additional items you will likely use later on, these are the newborn essentials that should help get you through the first couple weeks without having to leave home! Of course you’ll find as time goes on you will realize other things that you want/need and can purchase once you’re ready to get out of the house or hop on Amazon and browse!

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