Five Of Our Top Swaddle Picks

Swaddling is an art that most of us learn even before our babies are born.

Not only does it help keep them warm and snug, it also replicates the feeling of the womb and in many cases will help your baby sleep more soundly in the first few months of life.

You will likely be sent home with one or a few swaddles from the hospital, but it doesn’t hurt to have several more on hand, especially since it is a product you will use everyday.

Here is a round-up of our favorite swaddles, personally tested by our team, that we couldn’t live without!

1) Swaddle Me Original Swaddle- 2 pack

These swaddles are 100% cotton and easy to use with easily fastened wings that help create a tight swaddle. Swaddle Me is one of the leading swaddle brands and one of our favorites for the ease of use and affordability factor.

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2) Ely’s and Co Muslin Swaddle-3 pack

Not only are these swaddles adorable, they are also 100% cotton and SO soft! They can also double as a burp cloth, nursing cover, or light blanket.

We especially love the breath-ability of these swaddles and the fact that they actually get softer as you wash them. This product is a must-have for all parents!

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3) HALO Sleepsack, 100% Cotton Swaddle

Although this isn’t technically a newborn swaddle, it IS a great product to transition from a traditional swaddle around 3 months of age.

The Halo sleepsack will help your child transition to arms out and is used by hospitals nationwide for safe-sleep.

They also have some of the cutest prints you will ever find!

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4) Woombie, Grow with me swaddle

We love this product because it grows with your baby up to 9 months of age! During each stage there are simple instructions on how to use the swaddle for the appropriate age range and past 9 months it doubles as a wear-able blanket.

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5) Aden + Anais Silk Soft Swaddle Blanket

Not only is Aden + Anais one of our favorite brands, they make some of the best swaddles! While we love all of them, this one is our favorite because of the smooth texture and bamboo ingredients.

Since so many babies have allergies and sensitives to material, this gives Mom piece of mind as she wraps her baby up for sleep. They also have plenty of girl, boy, and uni-sex colors and patterns to choose from.

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